PostHeaderIcon Writing Heavenly Father’s Day, Part 1–Transcribing My Journals

After nine years in the convenience store business, my husband and I sold our store in mid-2008. About the same time that we were making the deal to sell, the Spirit impressed on me that I should start entering my spiritual journal into the computer. I was told that eventually I would write a book.

However, the Spirit told me not to worry at this point about how the book was to be published or what form it would take (physical book, e-book, or blog). I was further told not to worry about approach, theme, or title. The Spirit said I was to proceed one step at a time. Once I finished Step 1 (entering my six full 5×7 notebooks worth of journals), I would be given Step 2.

So basically, I was being asked to “step out in faith” in the writing of this book. I was reminded of the scripture that says we will be taught “precept upon precept…line upon line, here a little, there a little” (Isaiah 28:10). And this is indeed the way Heavenly Father’s Day came to be written.

Let me tell you–transcribing handwritten journal entries is not an exciting thing to do. It helped that I am a pretty decent typist, but it’s still grueling work. And I could only stand to do it for a few hours at a time.

Although I have to say it was interesting to go back and look at what my issues were twenty years ago. I just don’t understand people who wish they could go back and re-do some portion of their life. I personally am happy to be done with child care and discipline worries.

But it is also interesting to see how some things never change. I was always thinking about where my career was headed back then, and I’m still thinking about that now. Only the geography and the options have changed.

I worked on entering my journals in fits and starts. Months went by when I completely forgot about it and instead focused on trying to start an eBay business. After all, I wasn’t gainfully employed, so earning some cash selling my old junk on eBay seemed like a good plan. And, in fact, the Spirit encouraged me to try some sort of business on the internet.

In mid-February (2009), the Spirit told me to back off of my frantic selling on eBay and to return to my spiritual journal work. By early April, I had put eBay on a slow simmer and had turned my full attention to the Lord’s work. Just as I finished entering the journals (all six of them), my faith was rewarded, and I was told what to do next.

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